Saturday, January 5, 2013

Da Stash

I have been posting like a madwoman. However I feel when I take the time to organize the stash and take photos, I might as well share it with you guys.

I take part in the flash your stash thread on Ravelry. It is interesting to see what people have, and know my stash isn't completely freaking insane, or that I have nice things : )

Also it was time to break out a little project I had been working on. I totally ganked the idea from Ana of Unfrogged. At the beginning of the month she has an excel spreadsheet of how many miles of stash she has. This is pretty easy if your stash is in rav, or in my case, all of my not acrylic. There is an export stash to excel button, use it, be amazed! So I spent today making sure my totals were correct, and then I go through and write down the amounts of total, sock, and lace.

It is interesting to see how constant it has been. It is funny to see how miles and total skeins don't correlate entirely.

Here is my bookshelf of stash before.

Here is the rainbow photo of the stash.

Here is the sock yarn. The left are the whole skeins, the right also includes all of the partials. Many, many partial skeins.

The lace

The Wollmeise

The Handspun

And everything all put away again.

In order from top to bottom, nick knacks, lace+books+handspun, sock yarn, worsted+acrylic, and notions and things.

Last year I made a lot of noises about stashing down, and well, I think I lost. I did knit most of the Wollmeise I got last year, but I also replaced most of it, and then some. I wanted to reduce the future socks from current socks, and well, I am pretty sure future is well outnumbering current socks. So, here is the plan. I am keeping track of what I have, I tossed it around, got the broken bags replaced and bagged the stuff that didn't fit in the bags I already had, and I will happily knit whatever I damn well please.

According the the knit meter, I knit 6.92 miles this year. So my stash is a little smaller than 3 years of knitting. Either I have been knitting a lot, or, knitting lace really adds up.I think I knit a mile or two more than last year.

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )

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