Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rocking the Sock

I took my sock knitting to a rock concert. Sorry, there is no photographic proof.

Thankfully it doesn't smell like skunk-ass-pot. The security guard was very surprised about what I had in my bag. And I apparently I made the day of a woman who was stoned and drunk, and wanted to sleep with my friend. The power of socks, social lubricant, and interesting thing to do in between bands.

The concert was Linkin Park + Incubus, and sadly the crowd was too young to appreciate Incubus, and oddly Linkin Park's new album received more of a confused crowd than an excited one. There is just something about being in a stadium, screaming the lyrics of the songs with everyone else. For their older stuff, I think maybe 75% of the crowd was singing along. I think their showmanship was much better than when I saw them 4 years ago in Albuquerque. And I know for a fact the crowd was way more excited in Indy.

I was very close to finishing both socks, but I realized pretty late in the game that sock 1 is pretty different than sock 2. Like half an inch, and a full pattern repeat off. Luckily the guy I am making it for lives across the street, not across the country, so a little A-B test cleared up which sock is better. In the end, both fit, and he didn't care that the pattern was off, so I am just going to roll with it.

 On one hand I am a little frustrated that the socks don't match perfectly. On the other I am relieved that I can finish these up soon.

The picture below is probably the first sock. I just forgot to post a photo. Whoops. They are all up on Ravelry now.

I live dangerously and don't use a row counter, so I think some cables had 5 stitches and others had 6, since I was estimating how far it was from the cable crossing. I think these socks are a compelling argument for two at a time.

I am trying to make the leg length match, which is where I line up the heels and toes and measure the sock from there. In that regard I am to the ribbing. If I line up the toes, I am 1-2 cables away from being done. The goal is to make them look as much as possible the same. Leg length is the part coming out of the shoe, so it will have to work.

Since the last time I blogged I also ripped out most of the butterflies sock. In the end, 76 stitches was not nearly enough. I made different mods to the pattern to get 80 stitches, and hopefully this will work. Apparently the glass is still half full.

Here is where I was with the 76 stitch sock, right before ripping back to the cuff.

 Here is where I am now, in the middle of the first butterfly.

 I got rid of the 2 extra white stitches on either side of the butterfly, and replaced them with 4 stitches of continued stripe pattern on either side. On the incoming side I just continued in pattern. On the outgoing side I figured out what the 4 stitches before were supposed to be, and added those. I did this because the pattern does match at the beginning of the round, so preventing a discontinuity there was more important than a discontinuity at the butterfly pattern.
I made a series of fractals for the challenge this week. You could use as many transforms as you wanted, but they all had to have one variation.

Julian only

Rings2 only

Spherical only

Bipolar only

I entered the bipolar one, since I liked the stained glass look. This week the challenge is to make an Alien Vase. Yeah, whatever that means.

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )


  1. And here I am thinking I'm the only one...I used to listen to Incubus back in the day. I'm on to harder stuff now...WAY harder. :) Glad you had a good time, and the socks look great.

    1. Thanks Laura! I love concerts, though I only go to one every couple of years.

      How hard is your hard rock?

      I would love to see Metallica live, and Foo Fighters, though the husband isn't so interested in the latter. Breaking Benjamin would be great too, though the last time they were in town it was with Nickelback, and that was way too expensive to hear the same basic song repeated for an hour from Nickelback.

      Molly : )