Friday, August 31, 2012

FO Friday: RT's Silver Socks

I don't think I can say at last for this pair of socks. They went really quick, the yarn was a scrumptious  merino-silk blend, and they were my first sock commission.

The pattern was interesting, which is what made these socks such a fast knit. The pattern was a little more challenging to keep lined up, so this would be a great pair to do two at a time, just because shifting from a cable 6 away to 5 away seemed to happen more than it should.

As you can see, the socks start at the same place at the toes, and end in opposite places in the pattern by the cuffs.

I learned a new technique, or at the very least succeeded at one I had tried, and failed at before. I did a short row heel, and survived, with insignificant holes.

On top of that I just went off of half remembered directions from the one time I tried to do a short row toe and had such dreadful holes it would have been better to burn the yarn than to reuse it. What I did this time which I did not last time, was knit across and pick up the wraps.

I wholly support shadow wraps. They keep everything nice and tight.They were pretty quick to make, and all I needed to do was slip, pass yarn in front, slip back. then start knitting again.

In terms of the sock count, this brings me up to 5 for the year.

At this late in the game, my little mini goal of knitting 12 this year seems pretty remote. For all I think about socks, I haven't been very good about knitting them this year. Unless man socks count as 1.5 socks, in which case I have knit 6 pair : D.

I have the colorwork socks on the needles, I have a colorwork sweater I can't seem to stop swatching for, and my next big project will be the Evenstar Shawl, because, well, I got it on sale, and the Wollmeise group I am in is having a KAL, because enough of us want to knit it.

In a strange twist, this pair, and my next pair of socks will not be Wollmeise. Shocker, I know. I might even run out of Wollmeise twin before the end of the year. I am super duper close to my goal of 12 skeins knit. I already have knit 12 projects with Wollmeise this year. Isn't that crazy?

So, for now, colorwork sock, then colorwork sweater, then maybe the Evenstar.

Go check out other cool FO's this week!

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )


  1. Beautiful socks. I've just tried out this method of heel too. But I decided to stick to the usual one I learnt in primary school because it is more solid.
    Have a nice weekend. I am happy to have many woolen socks as it is getting cooler where I live.

    1. I do prefer the flap and gusset, and I learned this week how to make it work even better for socks, which is great.

      I give a lot of advice to new sock knitters, and the fact that I had never succeeded at a short row heel, meant I couldn't help them work through their issues.

      The one good thing about warm weather is you have less socks to wash, I haven't needed to wash any since May, since I have so many pairs, and so many days wearing flip-flops.

  2. Gorgeous!!
    I usually knit a short-row heel with wraps and turns.
    I like it because I don't have to pick up stitches ;)

  3. that is indeed how much woolmeise you ahve used. you hve an addiction.

    Great socks!!

    1. Thanks Tanya!

      Shhh, I'm addicted to colors, and Wollmeise has the very brightest.