Friday, February 15, 2013

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Hi guys! Life has been a bit busy lately. I had a decent amount of time to knit, and once I got back home, there was no good time to write about it. Monday was spent fixing my broken car (now fixed yay happiness!), Tuesday was movie night (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), and Wednesday was Valentines Day slightly early.

Guess what! I knit 30+ rows of chart 3 on Evenstar. I am working the last patterned row before I have to read the directions to figure out if I am increasing before the border. The border is a good chunk of the shawl, so I am pretty far from the end still. The good news is that I won't be doing 600+ stitch rows anymore, yay!

It looks like I am going to be starting the beads soon. I have a beading hook of sorts worked out. I might just need to get one designed specifically for beading, like the fleegle beader tool. Right now I have a strand of wire with a notch filed into it for a hook. A test run months ago worked, but the true test will be the 3,000 beads for the border. I got the beads months ago, but neglected to photograph them.

My next project is going to be knitting a pair of socks for my swap partner. The 20 Something Group is having a swap, and the last time I swapped I did socks for my secret partner. This time there is no secret, so I can go off of exact measurements. If beading the shawl turns out to be a complete disaster, they might go on the needles sometime this weekend.

Not sure of the pattern, I asked her about what yarn she would prefer. There are options, ahem, from the sock yarn shelf of joy and happiness.

I also had a chance this weekend to catch up with a friend.

 I snagged a picture of a hat I knit for him in 2010.

And other funny pictures of the Mall of America.

 ALPACAAAAA! They weren't selling yarn, only knit sweaters and other random things made of alpaca.

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )

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