Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still crazypants

Life is still crazy. It will be crazy for sure until Monday, when the stress should drop exponentially. I hate it when you know exactly when life will be much better. I suppose that at the very least the stress will be the normal sort.

Not that I haven't been knitting or fractaling or other such nonsense. I am always doing that in the background.

 The secret knitter sense twinged, and I had to rip out the sleeve. I cast on 24 stitches, and it was way too much ease. I have no clue, but I must have skinny arms because I am swimming in sleeves that are knit written to the pattern. I did not take a picture. So switching needles and casting on 12 stitches seemed to work. I am also decreasing every 7 stitches instead of 6.

 I don't know why bloggers use the disembodied head look. It is sorta creepy.

Not going to lie, this sweater is starting resemble a giant sock. I was using the 2's and it wasn't right. It turns out that my colorwork gauge and non-colorwork gauge are the same, so I am knitting with the 1.5's. I got a decent chunk watching the joy and smiles podcast. Honestly I like ramblely podcasts, they are a distraction from boring knitting. I have 4 inches of sleeve, so there is maybe 16 more to go? I trying it on frequently, so I will know when it is done.

My on the go project is the butterfly socks. I am pretty close to the heel flap.

I keep forgetting to update the photos on my ravelry page. It was much easier to rejigger the pattern for the right sock. It helps that the butterfly is the first step.It took a little thought to get used to reading the pattern for the opposite direction stripes. Now I have it down cold.

The only mod I did was 1 less row of right side blue in the cuff. Th blue is thick yarn, so it seems like it is more vertical than the first sock.

I don't know when I will be done with these socks.They are taking longer than the 2 weeks a pair which I know I am capable of. Perhaps the hidden variable is that I am only knitting on the socks on the go, and the sweater only at home.

It has been a little strange because I have not been having any thoughts of future projects. I wrote a thank you note to my grandma and offered to knit her something, and she would like a shawl. She said she wanted one like what I knit for my bridesmaids. However I have a similar pattern by the same designer, so I will do that one instead. This is the from the same issue of interweave knits as one of my knitting partners in crime (yea weekly knitting groups!) got published in for the first time. I will make the little dress she designed, as soon as I have an adorable little girl to knit it for. I suspect it will be for a niece before a daughter. I strongly suspect my sister will be having kids before me.

The apo challenge this week was to make a flame where you could not change the position and size of the transforms, or add any. This still leaves a lot to change, in terms of gradient, color, variations, weight. I made a couple.

I am rendering one more. I got stuck on the technica style of flames. It is a combination of disk and julian. It works really well for the structure given in the flame. Frankly it is easier to show.

The 4 transforms all have their origins in the middle, but they are rotated. The flame on the screen is the one that is rendering. There is still at least 6 hours left on that one. I definitely prefer rendering on my work computer. At most it takes 6 hours to render something.

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )


  1. I love how the sweater is coming along. Best of luck with area exams!

  2. Love the sweater! The socks look great too. Maybe one reason the socks are taking longer is because of the colorwork? I find when I do a pattern or something intricate, it always takes longer, even the second time around. Good luck on exams!