Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The agony and the irony: WIPW

I am using Noro for the first time.

I am charmed by the slow change of colors, and frustrated by the knot I came across that broke the transition.

The wee picture is to show the problem I came across. It is so freaking blurry that any larger would make you dizzy.

I tried to implement the just keep swimming method. Unfortunately  the sudden break was not going to get better the longer I knit.

So there were 2 options I could see to get around this difficulty. Both involved ripping out my work.

I decided to untie the knot and go back to the ball winder. I needed to get a sense for where the color I left off with was in the ball. Sad news, it was in the middle. I am loath to take scissors to a perfectly good ball of yarn.

So I decided to rewind to make the outside the inside. The outside was a blue/charcoal which was less jarring than jewel green.

The more I have knit, the better it looks and blends.

The pattern I am knitting is the indecisive stripes rib, and I am making an infinity cowl by knitting a strip (61 stitches to be exact on 2's), twisting once and sewing it together. Really the yarn is doing all of the work.

It is my carry around knitting for the time being, since Evenstar is not really fit for movement. I have re-done the first repeat. I have also implemented a post-it-note blinder. I need it, because I get so lost in the knitting of the border. I hope I can memorize it at some point, for now I just need to struggle through until that time comes.  Working the first repeat again proved that I was reading my knitting wrong the first time.

That is all for now. I have a FO for Friday yay!

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Take care guys

Molly : )


  1. I've run into the same thing with Noro. It is so frustrating. Your solution is genius!

  2. I just did the best I could reasonably do :D

    Molly : )

  3. Your scarf is gorgeous. I haven;t yet had the opportunity to use noro but that would be seriously annoying.

    1. Thanks Amy! I didn't see it as annoying, I saw it as a challenge to work around. I knew going in that it would probably happen.

      Molly : )