Friday, February 8, 2013

FO Friday: Evenstar's Day in the Sun!

So, for the first time this month, I took out Evenstar (AKA the dark star).

It was a little rocky at first. This is what it is like to knit it. There are 616 stitches on a 24 inch needle.

I can see what it is going to become, even if it is hard to show here.

Here is it from tip to tail.

The cathedral section.

 Petals and such.

The evenstar motif.

The center, which is pretty simple.

I had to reorient myself with the pattern, fixing mistakes in a row below on occasion. Mostly it was just an extra yarn over, or missing yarn overs. As I got used to reading the lace I got back into the swing of things. That was Monday during the class I attend, but don't need to take notes in.

Then there was the rest row, which goes much faster, as in closer to an hour a row. That was Tuesday during whatever free knitting time I could scrounge.

Honestly that is all the drama I can muster here. Long rows, 28 repeats of a chart, and a vague bag of lace on my needles.

The google spreadsheet says row 30 of chart 3 has 616 stitches per row, and is the 149th row knit, and I have knit 43,080 stitches so far, which is 48% of the total work. The quantitative engineer in me is depressed and refreshed by the google spreadsheet. The only good news is that Evenstar is the only project on the needles. I started on October 4th, but it won't take me 4 more months to finish the second half. I did 1% between Monday and Tuesday!

I have been coy. So I should get this over with.

 Beatnik is done.

Mutant Monkey socks are done too.

I am still spinning the Fiber Optic. There is a good deal left, but now that I only have one knitting project  think I can make some more progress on it. I am pondering options for plying. My first half is so much different than the current half. I guess we shall see when the time to choose approaches.

Please check out the other FO Friday bloggers.

I did make a cool fractal :D

My inspiration, the apo challenge ended. It has been replaced by the apo contest. So, there will be more fractals, at least in comparison to the last month. I called this one Intermediate Demonology. Now when people search, they'll find this fractal haha!

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )


  1. ooh that is a beautiful shawl, and I love the colours. That sweater is gorgeous too :D great finished object. Have a knitty friday xx

  2. Good luck with your WORK. It's amazing. I've just finished a sweater, which seems really plain compaired to your Evenstar.

  3. Lots of beautiful things here! :D

  4. The sweater is awesome! And seems to fit perfectly. Can't wait to see Evenstar done.

  5. Your beatnik is ADORABLE! So flattering on you! I'm amazed by the lace ... 616 stitches? oy vey!

  6. The shawl looks lovely but 616 stitches oh my word that's an awful lot. The socks are gorgeous. I'm very jealous I couldn't contemplate making socks. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  7. Do I know what you're talking about... I've knitted one giant circular shawl and nearly gone totally bonkers towards the end. (Needing several hours to knit one round is not for the faint at heart)
    But the pictures look like it'll be worth it. The color is stunning!

  8. I love working lace. It is long and tedious but what you have when you're done is amazing. I'm also really excited to see more about the yarn you're spinning! Those colors are just glorious.