Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Update

Stress knitting is the name of the game. I have been in this place before.

See that top sock, near the toe, where the spiral stops. That was where I was 2 years ago in terms of stress.

I am absolutely buzzing with nervous energy, and this has resulted in me trying to take it out on something. Well, that something in my Bohus.

I was trying to figure out if the yoke was big enough yet.after the short row shaping. According to the pattern, it is nearly there. According to me, I am a bit sceeved by the idea of having 14 in circumference sleeves. (Maybe silly since my arm is ~13" there) My gauge is a wee bit tight, like half a stitch per inch, but I did not wash the swatches, so frankly it is going to grow.

In other news, I received my swap package for the Wollmeise for All Seasons 4th Annual Summer Swap.

My partner, hates blue, so I was the best possible home for the Stella Polaris. Squeee! That is a cold dead hands skein. It is a night time shot, so you can't see the subtle variations in color. She also left me little messages in other languages, which I tried to translate in google translate. I got the gist of the phases. It was really wonderful of her, since I was not her swap partner. My partner apparently was too busy. Normally it isn't a one to one exchange, but I sent her some coral yarn, the silberdistal, a pattern of her choice, and coffee from a local roaster. Many people traded multi skeins, of which I have none remaining.

I finished a sock!

 What a perfect fit! I am so glad I ripped back, because it is awesome!

I have not started the next one. I just did a quick sanity check, Sock is 53.5g, the 2 remaining skeins are more than 60g a piece, so I am good to go for another sock, or 2. Yea!

On the fractal front, I made 3 this week.

I looked at the other entries, and this last one was the most different. Apparently several people went with spirals, and since mine weren't super awesome, just interesting, the mostly polar one won.

That is all for now, wish me luck tomorrow!

Molly : )


  1. I'm loving the Bohus! It almost makes me want to do one...almost! :) Maybe some day, but not today. I'm still trying to get my basic sweater right. I had to rip back, yet again, in following a pattern. I have serious issues with following directions apparently. :)

    1. It depends so much on the pattern sometimes with sweaters. Clarity in instructions, appropriate sizing, gauge, it is a lot of variables to control in one project. And the dreaded AT THE SAME TIME ugh!

      What pattern are you doing?

      Molly : )