Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mas or Menos

On one hand life has been busy and exhausting.

On the other, my blog content generation rate doesn't change much, regardless of how busy I am.

When I am busy I just have less time to write a blog, though if what I am working on is anti-creative, blogging can help a lot.

Actually in backlash for all of the studying I did for PhD qualifying exams, I have been having some very fruitful writing sessions. I won't lie, every night before I fall asleep I think about what the shape of the next part I need to write will be like. If I am driving long distances by myself then I do the same thing. I think about where the story is at, and what is going to happen next, or what needs to happen to keep the plot moving. The trouble is I don't often open the document up and start writing things.

Fairly early on there is a big revelation, and striking the right balance of emotion has been very challenging. Honestly outright denial might be an interesting path. What I really like about this story is that it has supernatural elements, without it being a cute little mystery. It seems like mystery is how authors have a plot while getting to play in the sandbox. There is evil, and the protagonist needs to use their powers to discover and defeat them. I figure there has to be another path. The question I ask instead is, how do you come to terms with new found supernatural powers. It is so much fun building the world, the myths, and getting into the heads of my characters. Since I am approaching it from the perspective of an outsider, I can answer a lot of questions explicitly.

Part of the challenge and trouble is striking a true note, when you sound false, it corrupts everything after it. It has been a very iterative process moving forward. I have a very clear idea of what everything looks like, but getting what is in my head on paper is challenging. I might need to re-read wizards first rule, since there is some gorgeous imagery, that doesn't really get in the way of the plot.

I have been knitting away on my sock and sleeve. The sock as my on the go project, and the sleeve as my at home one. Since the colorwork is done, aside from some tipping on the cast off edges, the bohus will very likely become my carry around project.

Two other grad students and I met to teach some other grad students how to knit. However we showed up and the new people did not. So we just had a knit night instead. No biggie. I am wondering if we just need to have a field trip to buy supplies and whatnot.

On the fractal front I have run into a crazy bug. When I render, the invisible transforms are not staying invisible. Honestly I have never run into the error before. On my screen the invisible stays invisible, it is just when I go to make a high quality JPEG.

The middle should have a neat, 4 fold symmetry, not random crud. It is only happening on my 64 bit apo, not my 32 bit. I did a quick test, and it looks like I will have the fractal I wanted. But sheesh, what a strange bug.

The other fractal I made was a classic spiral. The structure comes naturally from the original params. It is hard to get away from spirals when you have a little linear.

 That's all for now. Take care guys!

Molly : )

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