Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Good Weekend

Sometimes in the search for any weekend, you can come across a truly good one.

Of course, it is hard to beat Rose-Hulman homecoming. There was much fire, reconnecting, and food to be had.

Obviously life is still crazy, because it is taking days to write a single blog post. It is also days to feel motivated enough to go grocery shopping, for non essential, but nice things.

Hey, still knitting though.

I finished the Morpho Butterfly socks. For some reason it was a slog to get the toe finished. It took all Sunday evening knitting sporadically.

I got lazy on the last sock. There are a couple of errors where the pattern starts on the left side of the right foot. Since this is my blog, I can make self depreciating comments about it : )

These socks are seriously awesome. I am so glad I finally found the right project for the blue yarn. It was giving me a bit of trouble in my normal patterns, and now that I paired it with a work horse tough yarn, it seems like this pair will last for a long time. I think the next colorwork pair will be Water for Elephants, which is another Rose Hiver design. When? Who knows?

Since then I have been on sleeve island for the Bohus. I finished the cuff of the first sleeve last night.

I may need to have my emergency back up plan. If I run short on the blue MC, I will do the entire cuff in the black. For now it is tipped. It is super duper easy. Knit one row in pattern with the tipping color, then bind off. I started the next sleeve. I had 64 g left in the first skein this morning. I am not sure if that will take me to the end of the sleeve or not. The last time I measured it was 80 g. I did just buy 2 skeins of the blue. My even more extreme emergency back up plan is to add more colorwork to the sleeves and the bottom of the sweater. I don't think it will come to that.
This brings me to the future. I have 2 things which are coming next. Monkey Socks, as a thank you for the Bohus yarn, and the Evenstar Shawl, because I bought it on sale this summer. In the longer range planning department, I do want to re-knit the cardigan I ripped out. I made the color prettier, there is no excuse for letting it languish much longer. I also agreed to knit my grandma a shawl. We have not finished negotiating over the yarn. I need to take photos of the options. 

There have also been some stashquisitions recently. I got yarn for 4 pairs of socks, on clearance for 26 dollars. And a friend gave me 3 skeins of dk weight merino singles, because she can't stand loosely spun wool. Actually this is the same friend who told me about the ridiculous sale. The photos will have to wait. There might be other yarn too. I might even find the stash elephant to join in on the fun.

In other news, it is nearly time to hand out the awesome prizes for the 2+Color KAL. I am posting them here because I don't know of an easier way to host photos.

Spin Monkeys
Everything Old
Tangerine Designs
Desert Vista Dyeworks

This weekend will also be wonderful. Rock Climbing! On real rocks!

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