Saturday, August 23, 2014

Episode 54: The Word is Dragon

I am overcome by the cuteness of the dragon. If this was a drinking game you could get smashed by the time I finish saying dragon.

Finished Object:

Grandpa Socks, Again
Joris the Char Dragon

Redfish Dyeworks 50/50 super fine merino and silk

Random and All Over the Place:
The DSLO is coming to visit today
The story of the last time I knit my grandpa socks
Eating out at lunch
Joni the enabler
A review of my Knotted Bag
Probably not recording again next week
Definitely recording again by the 6th of September
I am so sorry about the video last week. Hopefully it is all fixed now.

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Episode 53 What's Next?

What should I cast on next?

Finished Object:
Walk on the Nuvem, this time for real

Elphaba, well not anymore haha

Redfish Dyeworks Superfine Merino and Silk 50/50

Nest Fiber Studio August club, Shoshoni Finn

Random and All Over the Place:
Recording again August 23
I finally found a nice knitting group in Dallas
Getting Sunburned
Events to look forward to in the next few months like the DFW yarn crawl, the state fair and visiting the DSLO

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )

Monday, August 4, 2014

Episode 52:Motormouth

I am speaking really fast this week. It is just the free espresso at work, no worries. I really ardently love the free espresso.

Finished Objects:
Walk on the Nuvem

Romney+Regia woven scarf

Elphaba reknit

10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters
The New Encyclopedia of Knitting Techniques
Wollmeise Twin in Guide to the Galaxy
Turkish Spindle + SWM

Random and All Over the Place:
Life has been crazy
Stash Dash, we'll see if I make it.
No spinning, poor mojo
Recording again on August 16th

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )