Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Episode 30: Ravellenics Update 2

Today is warm! Yay! Progress on the Bohus!

 Look at how snowy it was Monday, likely the most snow since 1982. I think at least half melted today.

Wild Apple Bohus Yoked Pullover

used pesto green instead of farn for half a row because I ran out of farn
smaller sleeve and bottom, 2 inches a sleeve instead of 4 inches
adding waist shaping
the colors for the last 20 rows weren't really following the pattern in the yoke
I cast on underarm stitches using Judy's  Magic Cast On for sleeve and body underarm
tipping for the cast off

Random and All Over the Place:
Beautiful Day!
Gortex boots are awesome.
Knitting Pipeline Retreat
Sleeves never fit me, they are nearly always too big

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )


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    1. Thanks Ana! I miss your face. I'd be happy to let you borrow the book if you are interested in knitting one for yourself.

      Molly : )