Friday, January 3, 2014

Of Stashing and Knitting

Hello All!

With all of these stash down resolutions flying around I thought it would be fun to show the data. Since I am still on vacation I had some time to figure out how much I knit and spun in 2013 along with the annual flashing of the stash.

So, to start, what did I finish when?

There were a couple of spikes, sweaters in January, June and December and shawls in May, August and December. Spinning starts with my second project, and there is a cluster in June when I took the class.

If you look at the accumulation though, there is a slightly different story.

Apparently I knit on average 31 yards a day, and spin about 6. I am pretty consistent. This makes it a lot easier to say, set a goal on how much I want to knit and spin. Vaguely speaking 2800 yards knitting and 522 spinning for the first quarter of 2014. Is anyone interested in doing this too? Of course it would be more sporting if I upped that total a smidge, or decreased knitting in favor of spinning. I will probably talk about this on my next podcast.

Of course in a clever turn, the stash graph is in miles, which is a different unit. I knit nearly 7 miles and spun a little over 1 mile.

I knew this last month, but this month was an uptick all around.

And now for the fun part, the photos.

I have artfully de-emphasized what disaster the yarn room is in at the moment. There are 33,000 yards of yarn in rainbow formation.

Of course, 2013 was the year of handspun.

The leftmost is my latest skein the Fat Cat Knits BFL, the rightmost is the leftovers from my third project the Fiber Optic Merino-Silk Gradient.

And my favorite, the Wollmeise.

At this point I have a lot of leftovers.Most of the taste of Wollmeise skeins are probably not in the stash, whoops, or they are in, but I never change that number. Maybe after the second Bohus. The brown is going to be the MC, and I will likely be using all of the shades of red.

My full skeins of Wollmeise

There has been a decent turnover since last year. I didn't knit as many projects in Wollmeise as I did last year. I am participating in the 12 Wollmeise KAL. In 2012 I did get the number of skeins in, but I fell pretty short in 2013. The object is to knit 12 skeins, or 12 projects, or 12 something. Cheater friendly ; )

If I can make a dent in the partial balls of lace I suspect I will be in pretty good shape. I would like to do a red, green and blue Walk on the Moon, but I would need to mod the pattern a little for how much leftovers I have.

So that is the state of the stash. Lace on the fourth shelf, fingering on the third shelf, worsted on the second and some of the fiber on the first.

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )

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