Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Episode 25: Random Molly is Random

Sorry about all the nonlinear thinking. I dart all over the place this week

Finished Objects:
Walk on the Moon

Half Finger Gloves


Spinning :
Chocolate Shetland Fleece
Fat Cat Knits Variegated BFL

Vague Plans:
Wild Apples Bohus
Walk on the Moon

Tabby with Stella Polaris and Blue Curacao

Zealana Air

Random and All Over the Place:
Coffee, Hazelnut, with almond cashew hazelnut milk

Classes started, life continues on
The walls are yellow now, instead of brown
Walk on the Moon, of future and past
Trying to knit a glove in a single day in Detroit

 Recording again on the 21st of January.

Molly : )

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