Sunday, October 20, 2013

Because Jordyn is a Sweetheart

Jordyn of Only Living for Today tagged me, and since she is a sweetheart I figured I could answer her questions.

1.) Do you knit or crochet? Or do you do both?

I only knit, because if I was faced with a situation where either I crocheted something, or I was smitted, I would be dead. I am so bad at crochet. I'd have a chance at life it was knitting something or die haha.

2.) How long have you been crafting? How did you learn?

I have been knitting since 2003. I learned how around Christmas time my sophomore year of high school. My mom taught me how to knit and purl, and then I hopped on a bus to Florida, and knit in the dark all the way there, and all the way back, and whenever we were on the bus. Let's just say the scarf was horrific, I was knitting into split stitches, and then I awkwardly decreased them away. Let's just say that I got home, ripped it all and started over again. Yes, the yarn was blue, and so were my needles.

3.) Do you have to have anything specific around you, or going on while you're crafting for you to have complete concentration?

I like to be distracted while knitting, if that makes any sense. I love knitting in groups, and knitting while watching podcasts, and I always have music playing. Silence is really unsettling for me, so I really prefer to have noise surrounding me. What was the worst was knitting on a plane with no music, I get so bored. Even with the most complicated project, I want to be talking or listening. There is no project too complicated for knit night or pints and purls. Well, starting the Evenstar swatch after a glass of wine was frustrating haha.

4.) What has been your absolute favorite thing that you have crafted throughout your crafting lifetime?

Hmmm favorite is a hard thing. As my husband teases everything is my favorite for at least a little while. Does favorite mean the hardest thing I have done, or the longest project I have worked on, or the one I did the most to make perfect, or the one where I learned the most?

I'll just say Bohus and call it a day.

5.) What is your favorite thing to craft? Why?

I have been getting sucked into spinning for knitting projects. I like having a plan for what the fiber is going to become, it is more motivating than spinning for no particular reason. There is something really satisfying about starting from fluff and ending up with something I can wear. There are so many directions the fiber can go initially, and I find it amazing to transform one thing into another.

6.) Do you do any other crafts besides knitting or crocheting?

I spin, write, draw, and design fractals.

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )

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  1. Love your answers! :) I think favorite can be anything that's just a favorite :) I agree with you about being distracted I hate silence! :) Off to watch this week's episode now! :)