Saturday, June 8, 2013

Episode 2: Lots of Work, a Little Bit of Progress

This week I talk about the spinning class I am taking, continuing to spin my GnomeSpun Shetland top (I totally forgot to name drop), my Elphaba Pullover, and the Evenstar Shawl.

I took the time to count, and a.) I have 47 repeats done, b.) I have 199 beads left and c.) I ordered 10 more grams because I need 251 to finish (33 beads a gram).

I plan on starting Ashton Windows as my next sock project, by the awesome Karen from Sock Knitters. And I talk a little about the physics of spindles.

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly  : )


  1. I did the same thing with the toilet paper roll... Bad Idea!

    1. PVC tubing was a way better solution, and I seem to have a lot lying around at the moment.

      Molly : )