Sunday, May 26, 2013

A larger baby hat, and Kai-Mei

On the drive down to New Mexico there was plenty of time to knit.

I managed to finish the baby hat, I am to 37 1/2 repeats of Evenstar border (2/3's) and I got a good start on the cuff on Kai-Mei.

So, the baby hat is done.

 I have enough to make a third small one if I felt like it. Or a 3rd larger one if I added another color. Not sure. I really am digging the stripey with the varigated

After a week of training, and knitting while being trained, Kai-Mei is done too.

So they are done done done.

So now that I am finished with these projects only Evenstar and now Elphaba are on the needles. I am just waiting for a tiny crochet hook to arrive so I can finish Evenstar once and for all.

In the future plans department I am participating in The Knit Girllls Stash Dash this year. This time the total needed is just 4k instead of 5k.It seems like it might be possible given that I have a big WIP that will be finished soon. Yes Evenstar, I am looking at you, in a pile, on the ground.

I think that is all for now, take care guys,

Molly : )

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