Friday, April 19, 2013

FO Friday: Handspun Hat and Indefinite Stripes Cowl

I finished 2 things this week, yay!

The cowl is done! It is very vesitile. It can be a hood, a scarf, a cowl or a one sided object.

I finally just buckled down and finished the stupid thing. I was using it as an excuse to knit and read, and finish off all of the natural ball of yarn. But, there comes a time when it just needed to be off the needles.

The handspun hat is also complete. I have been wearing it like it is going out of style (or rather spring has sprung, and there aren't many hat days left this year.)

I have made it to have 2 configurations, slouchy and beanie, it just depends on how the brim is rolled up.
It looks really short now that I have been wearing it. Trust me, it looks good on my head.


Or it looks less goofy on my head than on the dining room table.

I really like how the slouchy way really shows off the gradient. It was hard to show in the skein how gently it transitions from the colors.

I am pondering what to do with the leftovers. There isn't a lot leftover. I haven't weighed it yet.

The suggestion was gauntlets. I also need to figure out if the remainder is fingering, sport or worsted weight, since I will definitely need some other yarn to supplement it.

My fingerless gloves are starting to get worn out, and while I can try to fix them, it might be fine to replace them as well. They are my most worn, and most complimented piece of knitting, even in their careworn state.

We shall see, you and me haha!

I believe that my scrappy socks will soon be done, and I will be on to more socks, as in Kai-Mei, by the awesome and incredible Cookie A. Good thing I linked this guy, there was an errata on the pattern.

Let me distract you with a photo of me with Cookie A. in October. Yay Cookie!

I guess I am rolling in my stash tonight, we'll see what I choose for the socks.

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That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )


  1. Love the cowl! Such a neat way to use up yarn. And the hat is cool, away to be versatile.

    1. Thanks!

      I wanted to use every last bit of the Noro, and I succeeded!

  2. Your cowl and hat are lovely!
    I love Cookie A patterns! Kai-Mei is a fantastic pattern. You will love knitting them and of course wearing them too:)

    1. I am definitely excited. I cannot believe I waited this long to get around to making them.

      Molly : )

  3. Your cowl looks lovely, and the colours in your hat is stunning!!

    1. The colors come from the Rouge-Violet-Cerulean gradient I got from Fiber Optic.

      Molly : )