Friday, November 2, 2012

What? So Soon?

I didn't get around to all of the things I wanted to talk about in my last post. I hadn't had a chance to take photos in daylight. There was gorgeous morning sunlight. Yay sun!

Department of Stashquisitions

I bought some stuff. It all arrived this week. I am not buying more yarn from quite some time . . .

I buy yarn very erratically. It comes sporadically. It is a little shocking to have it all land in a 4 day period. Then again, I knew months ago this would be a glutinous week.

This one landed on Thursday

My MIL pointed me in the direction of an epic Wollmeise destash.

I could resist the lace.

I could resist the twin.

I could not resist the 100%.

Visions of more fingering weight Wollmeise sweaters danced in my head.

The Ebenholz will be a MC for another Bohus. Because Eben goes with everything. Hortensie did not . . .

The Blue Curacao will become Elphaba. I am hoping to learn a ton about the craft of sweaters that fit by working this pattern. Technically I should have had enough, or nearly enough with 2 skeins. But better safe than sorry.

I am a sucker for sweater yarn with a purpose. I never buy a sweater quantity without having a really clear plan for what it is going to be. And I have a hard time saying no to blue.

In light of all of the socks (and giveaways), I caught a named color update for Wollmeise. This one should have landed on Thursday, but I missed the mail carrier and had to pick it up on Friday.

 After receiving Stella Polaris in a swap, I knew I wanted it in sock. I threw in the Lavendel for the purpose of diversity and shipping.

The picture does neither justice. I forgot to grab the Wollmeise when I had my morning photo shoot. Not sure if the camera can really catch the subtle prettiness which is stella.

I might actually swapping the Lavendel, because I am all about spreading the Wollmeise love. It is entirely possible to buy more than you have money in the account. You just need to be in the right place at the right time, be it destash, shop update, or from the loopy ewe. The cheapest by far is from Germany. I got this pair for 50 dollars, including shipping, from Germany. Yay weak Euro! Who gets 300g of indie dyed yarn for that price? Me!

I had a weak plan for my Vogue Knitting Live. I walked through all of the market place on Saturday, to get an idea about anything I was really lusting after, and what was available. Sunday I knew I would get some gorgeous laceweight, and maybe some sock yarn.

The woman I was with (Teri, recipient of the very bright socks) convinced me to get something for the dear sweet lovable one. So I also bought 2 skeins of aran weight kid mohair wool for the purpose of recreating the sausage hat, such that he did not look like a pothead/clown. He loves the hat, and wears it despite the awkwardness.

I am dyeing one skein red (his favorite color) and keeping the other natural, and basically making a classier version of the clown hat. I chose this blend, because there was a sweater knit up in the booth, and with wear, this yarn really blooms gorgeously and while soft in the skein, it is beyond delightful after a few washes. Like Wowo! If you want your own go to Green Mountain Spinnery. I got the Green Moutain Green.

I was not sure if I was going to pick up any sock yarn. There were not many indie sock dyers there, and frankly, I can buy large brand ones from my LYS.

I was going through Emily Parson's stall, and I found this one. When I saw the colorway, I knew I had to buy it.

How could I resist June Wedding? Nope, mine.

And there has been a funny joke running in sock knitters about pink yarn. I do in fact have bright pink socks. But only one pair.

Yay for Merino-Cashmere-Nylon. It just feels so delightful. It will be a joy to knit this up.

I was thinking Monkey Socks. That might keep happening until I knit them. All variegated yarn might want to become Monkeys.

On the last part of my plan, I saw a lot of merino silk on my walk through. On my second pass I found this yak silk, and I was completely sold.

They had little scratch cards, and I got 15% off, which was fantastic.

It came from Bijou Basin Ranch. They had a lot of delightful things, like Quviut. Let's just say the yak was much closer to my acceptable price range for a luxury fiber.

I hope to find the perfect pattern for this.

 The last item was a gift. Apprently Teri has had this sock yarn in her stash for over 8 years. She doesn't like blue that much. Oddly enough, I do love blue very much : )

 It is a discontinued type of Chery Tree Hill. So basically tight twist, 4 ply, merino nylon blend.

Since it is semi solid, complicated socks are probably going to happen with this yarn.

Teri was using it as her swatch yarn in the Cookie A class, and it was so pretty.

I used this random homespun I got from my LYS's Christmas swap. Not sure what to do with it really. The homespun is bizzaro stuff. I might just trade it back because it is so purposeless in my stash. Pro tip for the next swap, quality not quantity.

I haven't set aside the time to think about what to do to my Bohus. The snarky answer is finish it.

By the measurements, it is a touch too far. So I think I will rip back to the last decrease, count to 6 more rows and then start the increases. By how it looks on me, it is just to were I start flaring out. Good news, the measurements from class make sense.

I feel like this class is going to be 100% worth the money.

I am really trucking on the Evenstar. Nothing like 20 minute freeway closures to get some nice unexpected knitting time.

Sorry, the color is so much deeper than this photo is showing. I'd say it is about 1 1/2 feet in diameter, and I am 25% of the way there. I have even gotten a few more rows done since I took this photo. After I do the next double the stitches row I am going to switch back to the sweater.

So, what does the future hold? My sock needles are lonely. I might need to start another pair of socks. Like Monkey sock with variegated yarn. I'll figure it out Monday. I still have Cookie A on the brain.

The next sweater is going to be the drops pattern I ripped out and redyed the yarn for. Wollmeise sweaters beckon, so I just need to get the re-knit over with. The next shawl will be Summer Blooms by Susanna IC for my Grandma. Last year my Grandpa got socks, which was a huge success. I am making the shawl with purpley alpaca/bamboo/nylon/whatever yarn. She is not as adventurous with color as me. So this will be more chill, and distinguished.

The challenge this week is for my favorite style. Wire and tubes. This one has a refined use of tubes. I also downloaded the latest version of apophysis, and my problem with invisible transforms rendering visible is gone in 7xD, yay! So this flame has the awkward line, but a re-render turned out perfect. Thank goodness because I love using invisible transforms.

That's all for now! Take care guys

Molly : )


  1. I have to buy a little at a time too, based on budgeting. Recently, even though I'm trying to use stash yarn, I wind up buying more. I hope to get some more pictures up this weekend - provided I make time to take them! Happy knitting!

  2. Happy knitting to you too Laura!

    My future project queue is getting so long. I need to buckle down and get cracking on my stash yarn + pattern list.

    Molly : )