Thursday, November 15, 2012

Socks? I like socks!

You know what I also like? Pie! I like pie!

Ok, back to socks.

Magic Mirror is completely hopelessly charming. Nazar Boncugu is so gorgeous. Here is a close up

Imagine that the subtle color variations were slightly less subtle, and that would be this yarn.

I actually ripped this out and restarted, because I tried a new toe, and did not like it.

I went back to my old standby, which is increases along the edge.

I have been knitting so furiously on these, that it is hard to stop, take a picture, and blog/share about it.

I was working on the FO post for the bohus, because I cast on these the moment I was done. Or rather, I cast off, went to the yarn room, picked out a lonely skein of wollmeise, and then launched into these.

I love the eyelets. I love the garter detail. I love the swoop of the twisted ribbing. This sock it exactly what I want to knit.

I decided to switch out the heel. I am following the pattern for a deep gusset flap heel since I know I like the flap the best.

I realized a little late that I could have done these socks cuff down, like normal. I am treating this as a learning exercise. A lot of people come to Sock Knitters looking for help on toe up heels, and my advice is less helpful, because I have not knit many true toe up heels.

Earlier this year I did a short row, and now I have a flap and gusset, and a few years ago I did an afterthought. I still need to try fleegle, and the sweet tomato. That isn't too bad eh? Nevertheless even though I tend to choose cuff down, I can choose toe up and still make a nice sock.

I hope this isn't too big. I need to try it again once I finish the flap.

Above is the ugliest side, which is quite pretty, all things considered. It was much harder to get holes when you don't have the wrap and turn plus shortrows on the other side.

Below is my first pair of socks. I made them about 3 years ago, when I took the plunge and learned how to read knitting patterns, and knit socks, and use needles smaller than size 6, and fingering weight yarn.

I have talked about them before. The dye wasn't set right, so they bled like mad, and what used to be blue and natural and brown, turned to grey. So, last night I dyed them red.

That wasn't the only thing that got thrown in the dye pot.

I dyed the yarn for the dear sweet lovable one's hat. I might need to darken it, because it is less a true red, and more a coral. I was really excited because it seemed like I got the dye to set first try. At first I used all red, then I switched to adding red and yellow 2:1. At the end we added just a touch of blue. Perhaps a touch was too little. I think I used a glazing technique. I would set the dye before adding more drops of food coloring. I was worried about flooding the pot and not being able to set the dye. When it seemed like it didn't want to clear any more, a couple of glugs of vinegar did the trick.

I guess I will need to decide soon if I do need to throw it back into the dye pot. I am so glad to have a win on this.

The fractal challenge was a sneaky one. I needed to make my favorite emoticon. The thing with fractals is that it is way easier to make abstract stuff than, well, what you intend.

I didn't try really hard. If I was trying hard the smiles would not have gone outside the head. These smilies are rocking the cheshire cat look.

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )


  1. Magic Mirror has been in my queue for a while. I love how these are turning out.

    1. They have been so much fun to knit. I highly recommend it. It is a part of the Sock Knitters KAL for October-November.

      Molly : )

  2. The socks look excellent! I finished my first pair about two months ago and it was an awesome learning experience and the socks actually turned out great (even if I had to start over several times after botching the heel turn).

    And I really like the color of the yarn, even if it isn't a 'true' red. I am a huge sucker for coral.

    1. Thanks! I really love knitting socks. They are the perfect size and length of project, and you can do all sorts of neat things with them.

      I wound the yarn last night. I think the hat is going to be the next thing on the needles.

      Molly : )

  3. I love your magic mirror socks, and the colour...They are seriously tempting me....have just found the it..

    1. They have been so much fun to knit. I highly recommend it.

      Molly : )