Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's a Nearly a Sweater!

I have made good progress on my sweater and my shawl.

This comes in 2 parts. Monogamous knitting in a serial fashion.

Evenstar got a lot of love this weekend. I finished the 2nd chart, and did all of the setup for the 3rd. The stitches are seriously crowded on my needles so it looks like I might need to just buy the longer size 2 needle. Doing all 560 stitches on a 16 inch needle is silly.

I am planning on picking it up again after I finish the sweater.

I switched to the sweater because it is so close to being done. And now is the perfect time to wear it. 

I am 18 inches into my 23 I want in this photo. Sorry about the awkward brown spot. Apparently my coffee mug wasn't empty when I threw it into the bag with the sweater.

The waist is currently exactly where I want it to be.

Election night turned out to be a great time to knit. Since we don't have cable, or bunny ears, or a desire to watch TV, we went to a coworker of DSLO's house. Pro tip, if you are going to watch election results, it is so much better if everyone agrees on who should win. Happily everyone agreed, and most present were engineers.

I am currently employing the knit faster method of yarn usage. My ball is so very very small. But I did make it to the ribbing.

The paranoid part of me wants to weigh the ball, knit a round, and then weigh again. I need 3 inches of ribbing.

This might also be the rational part of me too. I want my sweater to be as long as my t shirt. I started the ribbing 2 inches past the full body shot. The end is so very close. It does not help that being a thower, there is nothing more obnoxious that 1x1 anything. Not enough to drive me to learn continental. Just enough to make the knitting less pleasant. 
I switched to my 1's for the ribbing, and since my 1's are 12 inches long, I am doing 2 circulars since all of the stitches won't fit on one needle.

Maybe I will have a FO post tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

On the fractal front, there has not been too much activity. I got a late start on the challenge, because I decided to re-render a flame another challenger made. It was a sweet design, it just had a lot of grain, which I knew a high quality render could fix (where by high quality I mean the new term density)

The apo challenge this week is to make a fractal using the number 2. For example, the number of transforms is divisible by 2, the variation is 2, .2, .222, 2.22, along with the variables, and the weights are also bound by the same rules for 2. It is pretty hard to make a pretty fractal with those sorts of rules.

I'll keep trying, this one was a surprise because I wasn't expecting so many details in the final render. The next one will be much more minimalistic.

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )

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