Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bohus for the Win

I finished the Dean Yoked Pullover.

I had been day dreaming about this sweater months ago. The goal was to make a colorwork sweater out of Wollmeise. There were not too many contenders, because maybe it is a little insane to knit a fair isle sweater in fingering weight yarn. I even bought blue yarn in the middle of the night, when I could not sleep and caught a German update. I couldn't just be happy with a simple pattern. I needed something complicated, and colorful, and ridiculous.

I found all of these qualities in the Bohus designs. Nine colors! Four color rows! Small intricate motifs! Purl texture in color work!

I had to learn a lot to be ready for this sweater. Color theory, because my digital swatch let me down, and the combo that did work was amazing. Fair Isle, because my real swatch was pretty sloppy, and that wouldn't do. Making sweaters that fit, because this was a project that spanned months, and that was a big investment.

A lot of people helped me out. Bonnie gave me her color book, Teri gave me small ball of yarn, Joni sent me a security skein, Sally consulted on how much waist shaping is appropriate. I am really grateful.

Thanks everyone.

Honestly I enjoyed the experience enough to buy another set of main color yarn to make another one. I have so many small balls it should be no trouble to throw together another combo. Especially one with reds and blues.

I am so happy with the finished result, and the entire project was a fantastic challenge. It was the perfect intersection of want to knit, and want to wear.

I just love how this glows. This is a sweater that can brighten any winter day, but I can wear it so much more often than that, because it isn't overly warm.

I bet this is going to be the last to be put away in the spring, and the first to be brought out every fall.

Yay for the Bohus!

That's all for now, take care guys.

Molly : )


  1. Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful to have the feeling of a completed sweater?

    1. Yes! It is wonderful to finish a project that lasted for months.

      Molly : )