Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trucking and Flying

This week has been a rocky one. We all have them. The week where you can hear the sound of deadlines whooshing by.

I started the evenstar swatch at the engineering grad student knit night. First I did 4's, and that was huge, so switched to 2's which was the same size as the first swatch. Then I realized the FUBAR'ed the pattern, so I concluded wine and evenstars are incompatible. Then I cast on again for some reason (wine might be to blame) and I am was satisfied with the result. Yes, it is small, but I am ok with it not being ginormous. I don't own size 3 circulars.

I might need to break out the highlighter tape, because I feel like I am losing my place in the chart. Normally I am pretty good about reading my knitting, and then there are some days where I just want to buy a row counter and be done with it.

The sweater body continues. I've done 7 1/2 inches since the armpits. I tried it on, and I think I guessed right on adding waist shaping. I am not sure if I want to take up some of the fabric in the back. It is looser there.

Maybe looking up a pattern to verify that the shaping I am planning on doing would be a good idea. The sweater is so freaking cute from the front. I don't own a sweater book, so I am flying fairly blind. My book  has no shaping whatsoever.

This is the trucking part of the post. Now that I have accepted that the body is boring knitting, I can find ways to make knitting the body less boring. Like flying to Indianapolis in a 4 seat prop plane.

Did you know the Indy Regional Airport gives free coffee! Well, that wasn't the best part actually.

There were no pictures of lunch. And since I didn't ask, there were no pictures of me knitting on the plane. I did, since I am trucking on the sweater.

No clue if I will need to break into the 3rd skein. It seems like I have a decent amount of the 2nd. Likely it means I will not need to implement the emergency backup plans.

The apo challenge was loose change this week. So I made a pile of coins.

  I made a whole series of these grand julians. I fudged some things with this one in photoshop. Mostly to soften things up and give it some extra shine.

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )

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