Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The relentlessly cheerful socks

I am knitting thank you socks. And I am now obsessed with knitting thank you socks.

I did a whole repeat last night, after I got home late. . . because I knit a swatch on the bus going to class that morning, and then I did the cuff in class and during lunch knitting. And I had to stop because I didn't remember the chart.

I ripped the first chart out. I had a brilliant plan. Oh yes, improving on Cookie A.

I really hate how the yarnover on top of yarnover looked. They just turned into bars.

 When I first did this pattern for fingerless gloves, I knit through the back of the loop to take up the extra slack.

When I did this pattern again for Joni's gloves, I did a M1 increase instead of the yarnover.

This time, I had a whole new plan.

Instead of having the pattern on every row, I added a rest row. Purl the purls, ktbl all the knits.Yes it makes the swoop more subtle, but is also makes the YO's look like O's instead of boxes. I suspect the swoop will still be very obvious when it is on the foot.

 Does it count as an entirely new pattern? No, probably not. Basically it is a continuation of a long line of attempts at this pattern where I disregard the instructions and do what I want.

One thing is certain. These are relentlessly cheerful socks.

The pooling! It is so crazy!

The colors are so bright!

The pattern is so logical!

It is much more interesting than my other projects. Haha. Poor other projects. Not as sexy as these socks are right now.

I didn't submit this in time for the challenge, but that is no biggie. My entry won this week! It was the spare change challenge, and I still had julian rings on the mind.

This is the second challenge I have ever won. The last time was when I made a 5 minute fractal after coming back from a long break.

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )


  1. Maybe you should slap together more fractals - you might win more! LOL! Beautiful socks - they are very happy socks indeed. Sometimes a tweak is all a pattern needs to make it fabulous for us. That is part of the joy of knitting.

    1. Now worries, I make more fractals than what I show here :D

      Thanks! I can't seem to leave Pomatomus alone.

      Molly : )