Sunday, October 14, 2012

All we need is a little help

It is funny about blog speak. To even admit that something was rough, is to imply that things are really bad. You try really hard to push the wonderful, and to sweep the dreadful under the rug.

I came to the realization recently that something was dreadfully amiss, and I found out ways that I could make it better, and I got into contact with the right people, change is coming, and I really hope it is for the best.

The big thing is when things are wrong, and you can't make them better, you need to get help.

I started to do my homework for Vogue Knitting Live. I have to knit one hell of a swatch for the finishing class. I still don't entirely grok the instructions. I just need to pull out the yarn and get it over with.

By the magic of my slow posting habits, the spent the entire weekend knitting  the swatch. Mostly the instructions were getting you to knit the cable centered on the swatch.

I will live dangerously and not block it. I ripped it out and restarted so many times I am very over this swatch.

The other class that has homework has you take a picture in your bra and underwear and you have to trace out your figure. I used technology, because, I only have access to one very public printer. It is so strange to see a vector copy of myself. I have some strange topology.

My hair has the strangest topology of all. What weird shapes can it be put into? Why does all of if flip in the same direction?

I post this mostly because the class  is about knitting sweaters that suit you, and I am trying to wing waist shaping on the Bohus. I am pretty close. Not close enough to finish before the 15th. That was the deadline for the whatcha swatchin podcast. So far so good on how it is shaping up. Soon I will have a sweater. Soon I will be done doing waist decreases too. Maybe tomorrow.

I will be starting my thank you socks for the sweater very soon. I am doing Pomatomus by popular vote, because I was torn between that and Monkey. We are having a designer KAL in sock knitters. Wendy Johnson, Cookie A, Claire Ellen, and Jeannie Cartmel. I might do magic mirror by Jeannie Cartmel before the end of November. Who knows? I certainly don't. I needed a pattern that could hold up to the serious variegation in this yarn. And I wanted to try out the bamboo size 1 needles. Because I have never not used metal on socks.

This weekend was spent catching up on life. There was much cleaning, and planning, and buying. The honeymoon in Hawaii is now a go. We bought the plane tickets, and we reserved the accommodations. The house is far less messy and many boxes have been put away. And negotiations were completed satisfactorily for 600 some dollars of wedding gift cards. The only unplanned purchase was the ice cream maker attachment to the kitchenaid mixer, and gummi bears. Yeah, they said they were the world's best, and only science can verify this.

I finished 1 fractal that I got around to posting this week.

It gives a pretty interesting perspective on Julian Rings.

That's all for now, take care guys.

Molly : )


  1. So, are they really the best gummy bears? I love the idea of topology of your body. It means there is no way to hide your shape - you have to own it. That's a good thing, though very scary.

    1. They are quite delicious :) 12 flavors, and strongly flavored.

      I am hoping to get some insight into what types of patterns will look good on me, so I can focus on ones that suit me, or can change them to suit me. That is the challenging thing about knitting sweaters, you have to measure yourself, and follow those measurements. It doesn't do any good to make a sweater for the imaginary you. So many of mine have been turning out too big, and I really need to start figuring out how much negative ease I need.

      Molly : )