Sunday, July 15, 2012

There is always more

Now that the camera is working again, it is so much easier to write new blog posts.

I had written the one for my sweater some time ago, and was waiting until I had unpacked enough to find the missing battery charger. After the DLSO and I had concluded the battery charger was either lost forever or in a different state, I finally bought a new one. I found it the other morning in my laptop bag. Lost forever is apparently only a temporary state.

I am overflowing with excitement and ideas, though I don't really have the time to enact my grand plans. Honestly a colorwork sweater in 17 days is off the deep end. We already know the yarn harlot eats crazy for breakfast, and did do one in 17 days, but me, with a full time day job, not so much.

In all of the excitement of accidentally casting on for a new project while writing a blog post about planing for the project, I forgot to introduce all of my new yarn. I also forgot to take pictures with the stash elephant. However I suspect you guys will forgive me for that.

Incidentally the stashquisitions I did not show were not purchases either.

The first is actually a commission. One of my knitting friends wants a pair of socks, but he is not ready to make his own pair. So, he bought the yarn, and I will knit him a pair for 10 cents a yard. I told him how much it would cost, and he still agreed. I thought he would have decided to knit his own pair. Whatever. Normally going rate is 15-20 cents a yard. He is my friend, so I cut him a deal. If I use 400 yards that is 40 bucks for a pair of socks, plus the cost of yarn. I did convince him to buy nice yarn. It is Spud and Chloe fine, which is a merino silk blend. Yum yum yum. And, it comes in 65g skeins, which is perfect for a pair of my size socks. I will have to buy some in the future for myself.

The second was a gift from my MIL, she gave me a skein of Vesper self-striping yarn in the Sweet Water Colorway. She was ordering for herself, and left me pick out a skein. I could probably devote an entire post to the yarn she has given me. I should because she deserves a big thank you, and I know she does occasionally read the blog.

There are a couple of candidate patterns for this one, it depends mostly on whether or not I have it yet, and what I feel like doing at the time. This might be the yarn that is saved for the depths of winter, so the bright and happy colors cheer me up. I will probably get to the MCN stripey first.

And the final one came in Saturday. I traded my Petersile lace for Brombeere. Yea Wollmeise!

Sexy lace is sexy. Can you believe that I took this photo after sunset? The colors are really true, there must be something magic about white concrete.

I am so happy that I made the trade. The green was too green, and Brombeere was one of my dream colorways, so the Imagine it Lace swap was a success. I got an awesome color in the end.

That's all for now. Take care guys.

Molly : )


  1. I think there might be a law of lost camera equipment; If you replace it, the missing bit will show up again. That's happened with my camera remote.

    1. I suspected that I would find it after buying the replacement. Hopefully with 2 chargers we will at least know where one is at any given time, and keep one always at home.

      What brand remote do you use?