Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank You Joni!

Now is as good a time as any to be thankful. As I mentioned in my last post, Joni, my mother in law, is responsible for a sizable portion of my stash.

Before Ravelry there were the first several pairs of socks.

The Suri-Merino became many different things, like the fluffy headband, a calorimetry, the 2-D rib cowl

The Inca Alpaca became the First Sweater, Regina, the Drew Hat and the Vijay Hat.

There is the zitron trekking, which became part of the sunset socks and the drew hat.

The Vesper became the Magic Socks.

The Lorna's Laces in circus became my first Skew Socks.

The Cherry Tree Hill in Iris became the Loud Man Socks.
This one is funny, I was commissioned to knit the DSLO socks, because Joni figured I could finish them way before her. Haha. I ran out of yarn right at the toe!

The knit picks Imagination became the slipped stitch hat.

The socks that rock became the fire on the mountain socks

The Regia became Jaywalkers.

The Wollmeise 100% in Am Kalten Polar became a pooling stole, and Regina.

The Wollmeise Twin in Granatapfel became the flaming cardigan and the devon fingerless gloves.

The Wollmesie Lace in O-rH Negativ became the Briar Rose Shawl.

The String Theory Colorworks became the Rose-Hulman Skew.

The dye for yarn tussah silk is becoming the blood queen as we speak.

 And there are a couple of skeins I haven't gotten to yet. Two skeins of Mountain Colors Crazyfoot, 2 skeins of Panda Silk, a skein of String Theory Colorworks, a skein of Casbah Sock, and a skein of MadTosh Vintage.

 No worries it is wonderful stuff. The Wollmeise bender of 2011-2012 has gotten in the way. Joni was the one who introduced me to it, and it is wonderful stuff.

So in conclusion, thank you Joni! You're an awesome enabler.

Molly : )


  1. Nice! My MIL is awesome, but not so awesome as to give me a small fortune in yarn! Although, there's still time...I could corrupt her yet! :)

    1. Haha, she has sent me down the path of Wollmeise. I normally offer to finish projects for her in return. She is a process knitter, and I am a project knitter, so it works wonderfully.

      Does your MIL knit?

      Molly : )