Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prepare to be Hypnotized!

It took over an hour to weave in all of the ends, which mostly involved tying knots and trimming, but at last, the hypnotic hexagon socks are done. They are flashing, pooling and spiraling like mad.

Since my camera was out of commission during most of this project, there are not a lot of photos. Such is life, you can't capture it all.

As far as socks go, they looked pretty strange on the needles. The hexagon heel fits great, but off the foot it looks pretty strange. I will be making another pair of these, and I will probably weave as I go, since there are just so many ends to work at the end. It was a modular project, so there is no avoiding that. The original reason why I made these was because the DSLO did not want to be experimented on. Oddly, he can put on my pair. He would prefer slightly larger socks.

Probably the neatest feature of the socks was actually a feature of the yarn. When I went to make the cuff and toe, I had a fantastic stack pool. My planned pooling project was pre-blog, so I haven't had a chance to talk at length about it. The short answer is that any variegated yarn (like wollmeise), at a given gauge has a magic number of stitches, where the color repeats on top of itself. With a little finesse you can control the pooling.

What have I learned on this pair. . .

I got pretty good at estimating how much tail I need for a long tail cast on.

Modular knitting, honestly it gives me pause to try to make mitered square, or entralac socks. Sure they are cool patterns, but I am not so OCD that a little mad pooling puts me off a project.

In blog related news, I have my first follower! Go check out Susie's blog.

That is all for now, take care guys,

Molly : )