Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh my goodness!

I am a pretty happy camper.

My knitting group threw a party in honor of my marriage, and they gave DSLO and me an afghan they knit together. It was so sweet and kind. I was totally surprised! They pushed back the party a week so they would have enough time to finish.

Did I ever mention that blue is my favorite color? The great size is so that the DSLO one can fit under, because let's face it, that boy is always cold. The best part about it is that if there is any knitting project I would like, but don't have the willpower to do, it is an afghan. It is too long of a haul for me. Give me socks any day of the week.

They also gave a sweet card, and a gift certificate to the LYS. I might be picking up some size 0 circs today.

I am also excited because I am helping host a colorwork KAL in Sock Knitters, and I have got some fantastic prizes lined up for some lucky, adventurous sock knitters! Oh my goodness!

I was so worried that no one would want to donate prizes, but I had a wonderful response. Thank goodness! Desert Vista Dyeworks, Spin Monkeys, and Tangerine Designs are all donating. From the mod camp, I am giving away a skein of Wollmeise from my stash, and Ruatha is giving the Fellowship of the Socks E-Book. I was vibrating with excitement all day yesterday.

I do not need another project. . . but I think the project I am planning on will be a good fit.

Spur of the moment, I decided to combine my oldest skein of sock yarn, with the pattern Butterflies are Free. Hey, who can complain when the oldest is getting used?

I present the majesty of the stash room My stash was relegated to 2 shelves at the apartment, but here there is enough room to have it all out.

The top shelf is stuff, the one underneath is lace, the middle is sock yarn, the one under it is worsted and the bottom shelf has all of my notions, and random knitting stuff.

I got a foam puzzle floor from which had 48 square feet of squares. Since the house is almost entirely wood floors, they will be great blocking mats. And, since that is the only use of the room, they don't need to be put away.

There are a couple of things I would like for the room. A comfy chair, and light, a frame for the bed, and a folder to store all of the patterns I have printed out. I organized them according to type of project. But they really need a permanent home.

On the knitting front, my laptop cozy continues.

I love the little flowers.

I did the first row of the first edging chart before casting on my socks for ravellenics in the car.

I'll talk about the socks later, since I failed to post this Friday.

Yes I bought the needles, no I did not like them. I am returning them Tuesday because the joins blow, and they weren't even really size 0, they just said they were. I will replace them with 2mm Hiya-Hiya's because I love mine in 1's and DPN's in 0's and they are cheaper to boot!

On the blog advancement front, I added the 'related post' widget, and please complain if you find the moving fractal obnoxious. And I figured out how to do some cool things to the progress bars, like make them blue :D

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )

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