Saturday, July 7, 2012

A featherweight for a welterweight



The glory could be great, the challenge was ample, the failures tragic, the recovery exciting.

Oddly there was no big hurry to do those last little finishing steps. I couldn't take good photos, so there was no need to hurry with the wash and block, and I might have just had some other things on my mind.

Would I change anything?

The sleeves could be longer, and so could the body, it is barely long enough. I think I got need to finish the sweater fever.

The cable collar was perfect, though even more picked up stitches would likely help it lie flat.

All in all, I am so proud that I made a sweater that was not ginormous on me.

Blocking did a lot to make the sweater just so.

Now that the camera is back in action, hopefully it won't take me over a month to do a FO post :D

Take care guys,

Molly : )

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