Thursday, June 14, 2012

Procrastination for the win!

I am alive, I just haven't taken FO pictures, which means there isn't a new post. It is half completed, minus the pictures. I swear, one day there will be a post.

I finished a sock today today. On to the next one.

I got selected to be a part of (for lack of a better turn of phrase) cheering squad for one of the first web comics I started reading. The series reboot has been underway for a year now, and it is good fun. Check it out. I will also put the link on the sidebar, in the places on the internet I like.

I am running around trying to finish up work, because I am taking 2 weeks off for the wedding.

There has been minimal unpacking, I think just because both the dear sweet lovable one and I are really exhausted.

 Apparently I still have time to render fractals. Never fear!

That's all for now,
Take care guys

Molly : )

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