Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Usual

I made some gold fractals, mostly because I find yellows and browns really challenging to work with.
I am entering this one because it reminds me of gold leaf, and compasses, and waves.
This one looks interesting, even though it ended up cloudy. I didn't use a gamma threshold, and I had the quality high enough to prevent grain, but it was strange.

There has been much knitting, even if there has not been much doing.

I started my hexagon socks, out of boredom last night. The dear sweet lovable one got stuck at work late, so I managed to get 2 done before giving up and going to bed.

 I have most of a second sleeve done. I finished the decreases, it is just a matter of measuring, ribbing, and binding off.

Can you tell I am having fun taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror?

The problem with this sweater right now it that there isn't anything going on in the front right now, and it is hard to take pictures of my back.

I tried changing the camera orientation to reduce dead space, however, it just resulted in different dead space. Can't win.

What's up for tonight? Some dinner, some asparagus, some packing, and some knitting. Sounds like a good night to me :D

That's all for now, take care guys

Molly : )

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