Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Time for Procrastination is Over!

When something passes across my email, it needs to get done, now. I wouldn't say that life has entered a full panic, it just means that there is plenty to do, and I can't put if off for a week to do it.

I can make time for things I want to do, like baking, and knitting, and sleeping, I just need to deal with things as they come up. Get it done before I forget and some new thing diverts my attention.

Honestly I had such a crazy and wonderful weekend, that I am pretty much toast for working today. I will try reapplying coffee and see how that works. I went back home this weekend for the last big planning trip before the wedding. So I got the dress fitted, met with the DJ, had a wedding shower, had a trial run of hair and makeup, socialized with friends and family, and starting working on some of the last details.
Aren't the decorations for the shower darling? My aunts did a great job. And I am probably spending a large chunk of time writing thank you cards tonight.

I am really glad there isn't a plan this weekend. I can't handle plans. I am really looking forward to largely loafing around the apartment. Or moving the packed boxes to the garage, so I can have room to loaf in the apartment.

There have not been many fractals this week. The challenge this week is to use horseshoe, and one other variation once, to make an appealing fractal. My first try was mostly horseshoe and a bubble fx.

My second try was a variation on my favorite base, the spiral.

On the knitting front, I have started a new project, and frogged it back, in short order. I started Hexagons, but the size large was too big for me, and the dear sweet lovable one too. So I will try the medium ones and see how that goes. I ripped them out at knit night. The 90 something woman thought it was hilarious that I was frogging in front of everyone. Really non-knitters are much more fascinated with why the hell you would rip something like that out.
I neglected to take a photo of the 4 hexagon tube. I did the stretchy variation, I am wondering if the non-stretchy is as stretchy. I was expecting the stretchy version to be less stretchy, so it was a pleasant surprise.

The progress on the sweater continues.

I think I am going to stop knitting stockinette once I get to my pants, and start the border. I switched mirror photo locations. The bathroom was a little too messy this morning. Not like the bedroom is much better. . .

That's all for now, take care guys!

Molly : )

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