Sunday, April 29, 2012

House :D

Exciting news, the dear sweet lovable one and I bought a house this weekend. Last week we looked at this one, this Friday we looked at other houses in the same price range, and Saturday we went back to this one with our real estate agent, and we decided to make an offer. BAM! They accepted today, so this place, minus the furniture will be ours, provided the inspection is good.

I am excited because it is a nice place, he is excited because it is like the houses he has grown up in, and it has a massive huge garage. The picture of the garage does not do the garage justice.

We have been trying to disburse the information to everyone.who would care. If you pay attention to all of my knitting photos, you already know what everything in our current apartment looks like. It is small. The acquisition of 90 more gallons of fish tanks made it too small. And the prospect that I have 4-5 more years in this town makes a house a better buy than staying in an apartment.

Since we decided sort of spur of the moment to buy a house, (the first idea was the one across the street) we will be moving a few weeks before our wedding. It just turned out that our lease ran out on the 15th of June. So, there is a schedule on the white board, because life is going to be going completely crazypants. It might already be crazypants. I am a poor judge.


That is all for now, take care guys

Molly : )


  1. Congrats on the house! As someone who got married and moved (continents) three weeks later my advice is make lots of lists!! do not stop making lists!! then everything will be fine...

    1. There are already a ton of lists, I am glad I am not crossing continents too. Some of my friends did graduation, wedding, and new job in a month, so it won't be as crazy as that.

      Molly : )

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