Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A state of unfocused focus

Gah! I had to come into work Saturday. So I am cultivating a state of unfocused focus. Whenever I want to tool around on the internet, I write a little and then get back to work. Mostly this sorry state of affairs arose from not doing my homework when I went home, but reading a blog, knitting a shawl, dyeing yarn, and reading instead.

Alternatively, I could go for a walk around the building whenever I really don't want to do work. At least then I can enjoy the splendid spring weather. Apparently the kids are LARPing again. For some reason the allure of humans vs zombies overcomes the horror of role playing, in public. Or the nerds are taking over the planet, who can tell? Three circuits around the building is certainly a more pleasant way to get over homework apathy.

I really like the idea of working at home, but it never seems to happen the way I want it to. I have done a pretty good job of segregating work time from home time, though, this means I spend a lot of time at work.

Last semester I didn't take any classes. For the first time since kindergarten I did not have homework, or times when I needed to be in, or lectures I needed to listen to. Holy smokes, taking two classes was a rude awakening! I have really struggled this semester with getting the motivation to do my homework. I understand that it is important, and if I want to pass the class I need to practice, but it just feels like a giant waste of my time. Happily I only need to take three more classes. Two math classes and one more 600 level one, and I won't need to take another stupid class ever again. I am certainly barring some emergency never taking two at the same time. Two classes is more interruptions and guilt I don't need.

Take care guys,
Molly : )

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