Thursday, March 22, 2012

Like an Adult

Some days it is nice to remember that I am not a student, and that I am in fact a mature responsible adult. I can pay the rent, and mop the floors, and have intelligible conversations with people who are not engineers. Other days I just want to sleep in, leave early, wear t-shirts from Freshman year, and devil may care what I do.

I am hoping, now that the dear sweet lovable one is gainfully employed again, that I can start channeling the adult more than the student. Frankly, the student isn't getting the PhD finished, it is the adult.

There have been days where I have wondered if all of the good habits I had when I started have been replaced with dreadful bad habits. I documented my code, I filled in my lab notebook, I got into the office at 7-8 am, I set aside 1-2 days a week for all day experiments. I don't really want to talk about my bad habits. I just come home feeling drained, frustrated and stressed, because I did not move far enough forward, and I know that sticking around will not result in getting that little bit further.

There is a saying from one of my favorite books that is appropriate.

What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises - no matter the mood! Mood's a thing for cattle or making love or playing the baliset. It's not for fighting.
 It is probably time to re-read the series. I am in serious need of rejuvenation, and there is nothing like immersing yourself in a good book. This week has been good for rejuvenation as well. Lots of quiet time. I finished Rhodion! Yes, I should have gone to bed, but I was dead set on getting it off the needles. I will have pictures on Monday when the knitting blackout is over.

In other exciting news, the wollmeise for all seasons lace swap is going to be freaking epic. The mods have arranged to have Claudia dye 3 skeins of lace in colorways of the winner's choice. Any 3 colorways. So, it appears that socks are going to be taking a back seat to lace knitting. The wollmeise bender continues.

 Time to get to work.

Take care guys,
Molly : )

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