Monday, February 27, 2012


Since I started this blog, I have been climbing once, until this weekend.

And it stands that there is likely a minimum level of climbing, which after months of not climbing, one can accomplish. 6 months ago, I could climb 5.8, and fall on 5.9, and it appears nothing has changed on that front. I kept trying and trying this 5.9 problem, but my feet weren't right and I kept falling at the same spot. Maybe next time.The next time should be in a week or so, and not 6 months from now.

Ouch. It has been a long time since I have been this sore.All I have wanted to do is sleep until it stops hurting, unfortunately this is looking to be a crazy week, so I have to work.There is a fellowship application due, and a midterm to study for, and a wireless system to spec out, and that is just today.

I have not been feeling very creative lately., I don't know if it is a function of not enough sleep, or sickness, or lots of work, or the fact that I am thinking of life in terms of functions. It is dangerous when you try to model life, there are far more variables than you think, and there is nothing single valued about the functions. The thing is that I have several creative endeavors which I want to do right now.

There is the pattern I want to write up in PDF form for the Estonian Heel Socks.

The sock pattern in my head, that needs to be made, written, and tested.

I am at a really juicy portion of my story, so I need to figure out how my character reacts.

I finally got around to making an expression turnaround chart so I can get better at drawing faces intentionally.

And I still need to figure out if it that I cook when happy, or I am happy when I get to cook.

But Saturday, when I had all of this time, I didn't lift a finger to do any of it. Well, I downloaded MikTex so I could typeset more effectively than word, but that was just a small step.I just sat at the table with my laptop, knitting row after row of Diantha #2. Obviously it is deadline knitting, but it will take 2 weeks to make, and there is plenty of time in that case. There is 4 months until it and 3 others need to be done. I have no pictures, because I am a slacker.

I haven't been really busy on the fractal front. I made this one on a whim.

I am still waiting on a new work computer, which means my poor laptop can't handle the load. I am excited about the next challenge. We have to recreate a joelfaber fractal, and I have a couple of ideas.

I think that is all for now

Take care guys,

Molly : )

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