Friday, February 3, 2012

No Sense

I was frustrated yesterday because I had to whip my laptop into research shape. I grabbed the last files from my old work computer, and the new work computer hasn't been ordered yet. This means I need to use my  6 1/2 year laptop as a research machine.

The good news is that I am not trying to run Matlab on a netbook. The bad news is that around 3pm I had 127 MB of free space since I apparently didn't have 3 GB to spare for using Dropbox to transfer my last useful files.

I have managed to free up 12GB, but it was boring, and slow, and I couldn't use my computer because the processor was pegged.Things are running much faster, though I would really prefer to use this for browsing the internet and rendering fractals.

And this brings up my second point, I've reached an end of an era. My old desktop had some serious processor power, and a fractal that would take 4 hours on that machine, takes 20 on my laptop. I predict that there won't be as many fractals until the new computer comes in. One, because the laptop has a single processor, and two, I need my laptop to work during the day.

In retrospective:
My first render on the work desktop
And my last render:
Goodbye workputer,
On the knitting front, you would think spring was in the air. I have more ideas than sense.

I have one word of advice. Don't think that you aren't a designer until you buy a stitch dictionary. I thought I wanted to design socks, but I couldn't wait to start once I had a stitch dictionary in my grubby little hands.

And before I knew it, I cast on a sock.
However, this yarn was not meant to be the sock that is currently living in my mind.Shortly after the picture was taken I ripped it all out and started a Holden Shawlette. I need to use a semisoild yarn to actually show the pattern, and this one, while being quintessentially Molly, is too variegated. Maybe stripes would work too.

So, now I need to figure out what yarn I am actually going to use. Maybe Fritzi Frizzante.

I finished a knee sock! I only have a foot left to knit (where a Molly foot is actually 9 inches)

I guess that's all for now : )

Take care
Molly : )

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