Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ice Fog, Coffee and Knee Socks

Please excuse the cell phone photos, I thought this was pretty cool.

Unfortunately ice fog is not as cool as thundersnow, but it certainly is prettier. The drive in was interesting because the closer I got to the river the more fog and frost covered everything. Even past lunch time it hadn't all melted. I took pictures as I went to get coffee.

I'm blogging again today because work needs to get done, and I can't do it when I am wandering the internet. It is much easier to write a sentence of blog, or story and get back to work.

Since I started grad school, I have started to drink a ridiculous amount of coffee. I joke and say that I drink 5 times more than undergrad, which is true, coffee every work day is much more than coffee once a week. However, I realized that buying that much coffee was a lot of money. 2 bucks a cup is 10 bucks a week in coffee. So I bought a coffee maker at the beginning of the year.

I realized that a normal coffee maker was a bad choice, because I didn't want to start drinking 10 cups a day, and besides my brewed coffee is the single most foul tasting liquid in the world. Whenever I tried to make coffee, something would go wrong, and it would be too strong or too weak, and in either case completely undrinkable. So I bought a single serve machine.

The single serve is a revelation. No coffee half-life while in the pot being warmed, no too strong or too weak coffee due to user error, no cold coffee because you took too long to drink. Coffee, in a cup, brewed perfectly, every time. I made coffee, and it actually tastes good, with SKIM milk and sugar. Normally I am a half and half girl.

It has been living at home, because I moved offices, and I sorta like having coffee on the weekends, and it would be a pain to move. But this stupid thing only pays for itself if I don't buy coffee for a semester, and sometimes I want a cup of coffee in the afternoon.
I have been playing with epispiral flames some more. The challenge this week is to make a flame with a yellow background, so that is pegging my laptop processor now.

I'm excited because I finally finished the knee socks. Hurrah for the finished object picture parade!

It was a lot of sock knitting. I think it may have convinced me that I should buy 9 inch circular needles. Since I got my start knitting hats in the round with a single circular, I'm fond of just running around in circles until there are too few stitches on the needles. The legs of these socks were so big that I could do that with the 16 inch ones for a majority of the leg. Maybe I will get 0's and 1's, after I stop getting paid the really small bucks. I haven't weighed my balls yet, but I think I went through at least 1.25 skeins of Wollmeise, and maybe more : ) Only 10.75 skeins to go.

I'm sorry that I still don't have a photo of my Holden shawlette. It is now my carry around project, and the colors are so completely me I'm amazed. It is navy and sky blue and bear and light brown. It is pooling randomly, and I am still in the stockinette section, so the jury is out on if you can even seen the lace with this yarn.

I am still making progress on the mystery shawl.

I apologize for the lower picture being a bit blurry. It is the only one where the yarn color and bead color are true to life. In the top picture all the beads look like a dark navy, which is so untrue, they are blue and green and purple and magenta.

I bet the shawl will be finished early next week, and this clue, which is shortrows + nupps + (my optional beads in the decreases) will be done tonight or tomorrow night.

That's all for now : )
take care guys,
Molly : )

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