Monday, January 2, 2012

Winding all of the things!

Actually I haven't read much hyperbole and a half, however too many people have recommended it in the past week for me to ignore. I don't own a ball winder, but now I do own a swift, that I made yesterday, with the help of the dear sweet lovable one.

Step one was suggesting that he make a swift.

Step two was looking at designs on the internet.

Step three was making a CAD drawing.

Step four was purchasing the materials, like cup hooks, dowel rods, lock washers, string, and other washers. It was about 18 bucks in parts

From there it was a matter of cutting, drilling, and knot tying.
After a bit of trouble shooting, and retying of the loose knots, and closing of hooks, it was starting to work very well.

So now I don't need to walk around the stools in a circle, I can just throw it onto the swift, and wind a ball with no worries.

The reason that spurred me make a swift is simple. I buy a lot of my yarn on the internet, and the internet does not wind it for you when you buy it, and generally it is sold as skeins, which are really tough to knit from.

If you want to be able to move your yarn, you need it in a ball of some form.
That blue one on the bottom would take hours to wind without a swift. No thank you. Already tried

This leads neatly to the next thing I wanted to talk about. Today I pulled out all of my stash, and photographed it. Obviously yellow and orange are poorly represented, the center is full of variegated yarns that did not fit nicely in the color wheel, and yes, blue is my favorite color.

All put away, it no longer fits in the one bookshelf, I had to put the garbage bag of mostly worsted acrylic in the next self over.

Back in June . . .
I think it was much much smaller . . .

I was busy and forgot to post my entry for the apo challenge.
ugh! I thought I did a good job. I haven't even looked to see what this week was.

I'm off to learn how to do I-cord. I ripped out a hat for extreme ugliness violations, and now I am trying a new one.

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