Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm caught in a bored trap.

There is a lot I need to do, but it is boring, so I'm not doing it.

I should have started my homework last night. At this point I am wondering if it would be wise to do them in order of easiest first, just so I don't get so stuck.

Life has been in a wash-rinse-repeat mode lately. Wake up, make lunch, make coffee, drive in, try to work, go home, make dinner, ride bike, go to bed too late, repeat. It's frustrating because I feel like I am constantly falling further and further behind.

It's not like there hasn't been anything to blog about though. Likely it's just that there was no time to gather my thoughts and arrange them in a pretty manner.

 I spent too much time Monday night making fractal clocks.
I used tubes, because they are easy to manipulate. Their coloration depends on the other transforms, but their shape is fixed, and reasonably independent. The insides are just whatever I wanted to fill them with. I had to use mad xaos skills to make it work, since all those numerals and rings and clock hands were just going to muck everything up. I might make something different tonight. I ended up submitting the bottom one.

Knitting-wise I've been trucking along on the knee socks.
Cruising on on the lace shawl
And I even picked up and worked on my other shawl
No, the red on red doesn't do it justice. It is really freaking pretty. I'll be a bit more faithful to it once I finish the socks.

Reading wise, I've been going through the Song of Ice and Fire series. I started sometime after my thesis defense, and I finished the 4th book last night. It is delightfully complicated, but there are a couple of bits where coincidence is a little too much. And I am angry about the whole characters not staying dead bit. I will start the 5th book sometime this weekend, though today I need to cuddle up with the design of microwave oscillators book.

Take care,
Molly : )

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