Friday, December 16, 2011

The Undergrads Have Left! Hurrah! Hurrah!

It is quiet at the office now. I don't get to hear about who spurned who at the nightclub, how the homework is hard and other such nonsense. ~happy dance~

Oddly, by shear force of habit, I was still coming to the office. Yes it is silly, I'm hoping that the 3 weeks I have off breaks that little habit.

I've finished my Grandpa socks.

 I made a few interesting fractals, unfortunately the aspect ratio is off on this one. Go to the sorce if it is too small.

For this week's challenge I submitted this guy.
There were a few people who had a similar idea to mine, so I don't think I have much of a chance of winning. (which I didn't this blog post has been a long time coming)
I even made one that is supposed to look like hot chocolate, where the black bits are supposed to be the last sickly sweet dregs.

The next challenge is to make a snow flake without any of the julia(n) variations. It should be interesting. I started with a linear base, I'll have to watch the entries and see if I can come up with other clever tricks.

Just a word of explanation for the pictures yesterday, I tried and tried to post images of the wedding shawl I received from my future MIL, and when nothing worked I posted them on the blog instead of dropbox. For some reason my public folder wasn't playing nice.

Take care guys,

Molly : )

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