Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thesis Death March

Ok, it's fine.

I just really like the sound of the title, the situation is not a death march, more like a stumble across the finish line of a marathon.

Actually my shawl is also turning into a marathon too. I have a long way to go. Don't let the epic star wars shot fool you, this puppy is a long way from being done.

Perhaps the people that I have been talking to lately are sick of me complaining about how I am not to square yet. What is square you ask? When the length is about equal to the width.

 Where was I when I took these pictures? Eh, about 13 by 20. I should have used the size 4 needles, since this is supposed to block out to 26 inches, and this all pinned out is not that wide.

 But look! Pretty variegated yarn, pump little nupps, and whoops, this picture is the one where I made a mistake across the entire row of the chart

Oddly, the macro feature on the camera does not work so hot when the flash is off. Even with the flash off, this is not the actual color of the yarn. Imagine it is more blue.

I am still rendering fractals. This one made the cut as my new desktop background at work. Sometimes it just works out that the only way to make a fractal really sing is to put it on a white background. The black in the gradient really highlights the fractal in this one.
The apo challenge this week is really hard. Red background. Red does not like to play nice with other colors, most gradients just clash horribly.
 This is the one I decided to submit. There is actually a Gaussian blur in the center that gives everything a grey/black cast, which makes it so the red isn't so vibrant and over powering.

That's all for now, aside from I have an equation that 2272 pages of a word document. Be afraid, very afraid.

Take Care

Molly : )

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  1. The shawl looks wonderful! And the fractals are mind bending. In fact, you've given me a bad guy idea for gaming tonight!