Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nice Guys Finish Last

I'm listening to Green Day today, because I am running out of gas, and the need for upbeat music seems to be pretty important.

Tempo keeps me moving, they are one of my favorite bands so it makes me happy, and frankly they are the most pop band I listen to. I am also drinking Mt. Dew, which is probably the pop which is most like Green Day. Sugar high while caffeinated, wheeee!

I am trying really hard to finish, but obviously, I feel I am really far from being done. I have just been so exhausted that I have been having a really hard time sitting down and doing work that requires that I think. The weekends have not been a chance to rest, because I have been working as much on Saturday or Sunday as I normally do on weekdays. I have been reluctant to say it is impossible though. More experimentation is needed before that conclusion can be made, where experiments really mean fitting the model to the experiments. Obviously my own understanding is crucial to me finishing, and unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to grok this particular problem.

I got to try a genuinely new restaurant today. The problem with being near campus is that nearly all of the restaurants are counter service, sorta cheap, and I have been to all of them 50-bajillion times already. There is one place that I go happily every week. and the one time I got bad service they gave me cheesecake, and I knew it wouldn't happen again because I had previously had 70-100 good experiences. The new place serves chilli, had really friendly staff, a good price (cheaper than where I was originally walking to) and the food was completely different than anything else available within walking distance of my office. I will go back, and that makes me glad that I can have something new.

In an effort to keep ticking, I've made a lot of fractals. I think of it as an backlash to all of this dry technical stuff that I have been doing. I become really creative and artistic, as if I am seeking balance.
Obviously procrastination is bad, however I've got to take time to feed the soul, and there is nothing like a fractal with a wild gradient to fill me up. I have two more that need to finish rendering. I really badly hope I won't be around for when the one rendering now is done. Obviously I only have some control over that matter.

I am working on a really long project so I don't have much to update knitting-wise. It gets carried around everywhere, but I don't have just time to knit. But fractals on the other hand can go on in the background all day long. I have also been writing more story. I might need to go back a rework some things. It seems like the way some events happen requires the reader to suspend disbelief. The previous way was more believable. I might keep some of the conversations the characters had though, they were fun.

That's all for now,
take care guys,

Molly : )

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  1. great images--I love fractals, too (my son the math geek turned me on 20 + years ago--his Westinghouse (now intel) science project was about using fractals for encryption)

    He used what is now called the dragon fractal--and did you know Norah Gaugham (of Knitting Nature/berocco yarns) has a chart for knitting the dragon fractal??

    Next year is the year of the dragon--and i plan to knit dragon (fractal) socks!--i bet there are other fractals that would lend them selves to knitting --(the best of both world--Knitting and Math!)