Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Crazy Pair of Socks

I succeeded in following a pattern written in a different language

Though I am not a newcomer to making crap up as I go, I'm pretty proud that I managed to work through the garbled mess that came out of google translate.

Since I do not want to write like the American doctrine of "prmp knit 1, knit 1 YO, knit the first .. 'so, to some extent guide in general terms, which is expected to make much can still interested.
So, let's start from the heel socks!
First Cast on 12 stitches for 4 people, and share them with the rod. Commencement of a permanent piece of yarn could be so long that it can later be pulled together a hole in the center.
2nd With four stitches in the same needle and knit the heel of some of the following schedules. I took a series of early Ƶhksilmuse needle from front to back and front to back direction of the rod end. YO carried out in accordance with the next row knit into back of loop divergent, that the story would be nicely symmetrical.

If you want to be running in front of and behind the "seams" would silmuselised 1 (see previous post of socks), leave the rod at the beginning of each loop and proceed directly to the first stocking YO.
Even if you are fluent in knitting patterns this is not a clean transfer of information.

But it didn't stop me, and I am really happy that I figured it out and made it work.

I dug something out from my baby knitter days. No one told me intarsia was hard. So I made a chart and knit a swatch of maple leaves

This is full of loose ends, intarsia or fair isle where ever it was convenient. After finishing this swatch I found out about how knit stitches are not square but really 3 wide to 4 tall, so I made a new distorted chart and made a Maple Slayer scarf, knit flat, seamed up the sides, with the words maple slayer going up the sides.

I may be many things, but a timid knitter is not one of them.
 My next challenge is to knit a pair of colorwork men's socks, blind. I plan on using the Sock-u-lator, and hoping that my luck holds. It isn't that I am math adverse, more-so that since my grandpa is in Florida and I don't know how many stitches to cast on. I might need to do a gauge swatch . . .
I swear this becomes like liquid crack for pasta. I haven't made it for months, and now that life is calming down, I'm starting to feel like cooking. Go buy How to Cook Everything and then make ragu. That is a quadruple batch, and this is the most disgusting part. That is 4 lb of raw hamburger and ground pork.

I think that's all for now.

Take care,

Molly : )

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  1. /me is supremely impressed that you got a whole pair of socks from those instructions. My eyes blurred just reading it.