Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keeping track of it all

I might just have a case of the sillies. I talked to a flower guy, thinking he was the baker guy. Whoops. I missed the name because my office has dreadful reception. Oddly enough, I think he makes way more money on weddings than Christmas stuff, which would explain why he was willing to drop everything to get my business.

I have been trying to get a hold of the photographer so I can get a date reserved and maybe have pictures taken. And the chair cover lady, and the baker, hair and makeup stylist, and the catering.

This weekend was good, because many things were decided.

Snapdragons are cool, wildflowers are more my style, I like flowers with a mixture of colors and shapes and sizes, rather than just one type, or uniform colors, rope only comes in color combinations that recall 1988, rocks of different sizes look cool in glass, sand and rocks of different sizes do not, unfortunately this resulted in 50 lb of play sand becoming useless, luckily 50 lb of play sand only costs 3 bucks.

 Black while classy, didn't really make sense as a wedding color. It appears navy blue is the winner. And we concluded that the chiffon bridesmaid dress with the sweetheart neck and the ruffled back was the nicest dress. I have added pictures from the internet! Obviously since my little sister is 5'11" and itty bitty, any dress looks good on her, but it should look good on my other ladies, crossing fingers.

This is style B3034, because it takes some time to look that up.

I don't really like talking on the phone. I am not sure if this has always been true, or if I have become stranger with passing time. That's probably a blog post in and of itself, does getting a higher degree make you hopelessly strange? I had been really nervous about calling people, but, that said it isn't that hard. I just need to get over it. The reason why I am calling is happy. If it was bad news maybe it would make more sense to be nervous.

In terms of new and exciting things, there are probably a handful.

The apo challenge this week is pretty interesting. We have to make fractals that look like colorful sea slugs with only 3 transforms. This was try number one. I'll probably give it another crack before I submit something. I'm not winning any awards for this, I'm just working on not getting stuck in a never-ending fractal rut, where I make spirals until everyone including me gets bored. It is enough a distraction that I keep moving forward, without losing track of time completely.
By the magic of taking a long time to write a blog, the other two I made are done rendering.

I have two knitting projects going on right now, a shawl, that takes every bit of attention I can muster, and socks, that are flying off the needles. I might write the pattern for the socks so people can understand them, since it is written in Estonian. I asked for permission on the lady's blog, and since she is a fan of the Yarn Harlot, I assume she knows English, or can translate it. I received some yarn in the mail Monday, two tangled skeins. It is strangely calming to untangle them. I did the first one Monday night, and started the second before realizing it was 1 AM and I needed to sleep. The second one is berry colored and it is so freaking pretty. Unfortunately I believe I have violated my yarn acquisition rules of reasonableness. The 2 skeins were free, but that means the stash of yarn for socks, will in fact equal the number of socks I have knit. I have the same number of future socks as existing socks. This is not counting all of my scraps, which pulls the total up to more future socks than present socks. I like my stash to be about a year's worth of yarn, and I don't think I will be knitting over 20 pair in the next 52 weeks . . .

Take care guys

Molly : )

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