Friday, September 30, 2011

Progress Bars

I have learned something new today, and I have managed to add a CSS to the blog to post my ravelry progress bar. Hurrah! I can code, but I never learned HTML.

So now you can see the majesty which is my monogamous knitting with the freaking sweater, subject to how often I get around to actually updating my totals.

I could take a picture of how it is now, which is nearly done, but here is what is was last week.
For some reason the sleeves are in a more red-headed-stepchild color than the body, so hopefully it is less obvious when I am wearing it.

I may need to do some extensive ripping if it turns out that the bust is too low, this would be the situation where the buttons are all below boob level. Until I at least get to the 3 needle bind off on the shoulder it will be hard to tell.

In fractal news:
Pretty cool huh? I've rendered a lot more than this, but these are my faves for the week. The bottom one was for a fractal contest, the middle one is for this week's apophysis challenge, and the top one was a side effect of figuring out how to make crazy fractals from the bottom one.

Take care guys : )

Molly : )

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