Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clear again

I finished my paper, hurrah!

Today was a good day, I started seriously working on my thesis, which is weighing in at 62 pages of content plus fluff, and I printed out a copy of my journal paper, carried it over to the coffee shop, and had a vanilla Spanish latte while I figured out how to iron out the awkward sections of my writing.

Mind you it was a 11-12 hour day, but it was good work, which doesn't happen as often as I would like.

I'm in the process of making crab rangoons for myself. Sushi would be better, but I am going to wait until the paper is submitted before getting to that step. The recipe is really simple, and I doubled the cream cheese, because I estimated I needed 2 packs instead of 1 at the store.

Crab Rangoons
1/2 c. minced onion (sweeter the better)
1/2 c. minced cabbage (an underrated ingredient)
8 oz crab meat (I used claw because it was cheaper)
8 oz cream cheese (or double, whatever Chinese restaurants normally only include cream cheese)
A package of wonton skins (not worth making from scratch)
3 c cooking oil

Mix the first 4 ingredients together until well blended, place a teaspoon of the mixture on the center of a wonton skin. I sprinkle a little salt and pepper at this point. Moisten the inside edges of the wonton skin with water, then fold in half and seal. I make 5-6 before beginning to fry and eat.

Prep a plate with some paper towel to hold the cook rangoons. Heat the oil to 400 degrees, deep fry 3 at a time until golden brown. As they turn the right color put them on the plate to drain. They are best right out of the pan.

I guess I'll talk about fractals and knitting some other time. A lot has happened since the last 2 posts.

Molly : )

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