Sunday, August 21, 2011

Completely Crazypants

Life has been pretty stressful lately, and it boils down to taking a vacation at a comparatively bad time.

I suspect that if I had done something at the beginning of summer, instead of the end a couple of things would have happened. I would have accomplished more of goals for work/research, I would not have been battling with three simultaneous deadlines, and I would have gotten my rest when I needed it, not weeks and weeks later.

I have some nice things to show. I attribute it to stress related procrastination.

Every week I participate in something called the apophysis challenge on deviantart. It is hosted by the charming Stan Ragets, aka 'f--l--A--r--k. This week the challenge was to use a variation called Colideoscope, which acts like a kalidoscope, but that name was already taken. I took two approaches to making a fractal with the variation. One I used the variation alone as the structure transform for the pattern of the flame, and then filled it out with simple transforms. The other I used the variation to add texture and interest to the structure portion, and I also used it in the 'detail' transforms.

option 1:
option 2

I decided to submit option 1 to the contest. I haven't won or placed in quite some time. Actually the last one that won was this one, which took me approximately 15 minutes to make, and hardly any time to render.
I think it was a case where the other people entering tried to make complicated things, but the rotational style really needs a simple pattern to sing. The voting is an awful lot like playing apples to apples, so you need to please the other people entering more so than yourself.

As far as knitting is concerned I have a few things to show off. I modified my fingerless mittens so they have half fingers. This will become useful when it is 40 degrees outside, because I had problems with the open mitten portion being a wind scoop, and it would bend over when I would shove my hands into my real double thick mittens. I also received a skein of stripy sock  yarn I could not resist, so I made a pair of Skew Socks which turned out great. This was the third time I have made the pattern, and the first time with a stripy skein.Yea Alma Mater colors!

 Currently in my knitting bag are the Froot Loop Socks I finished the first one last night, and cast on for the cuff immediately afterwards. I even made them matchy-matchy, because they are a gift for a swap, and I could not for the life of me tell if she liked mismatched socks. It was only a little ball that I had to cut off so it wasn't a big deal.

The yarn has been hanging out on the yarn shelf for more than a year, so I knew I had to make at least something with it. It is not soft, but it is 25% nylon, so they should be really hard wearing socks. I need to remember to include a note, to encourage her to wear the snot out of them, and to machine wash inside out, and then line dry.

I guess I am about 75% there, and they should be done this week, maybe even as early as Tuesday. I have until Sept. 16 to finish.

 What isn't seen in my bag is the Myrtle cardigan, which I am making out of Wollmeise, Granatapfel twin. So this episode is brought to you by crazy Germans, who make charming fingering weight yarn
: )

Lastly, I wanted to include a picture of work central. It is a little meta, since I am taking a picture of my computer, while blogging about taking a picture of my computer. I have my 2 pairs of shoes for when I bike in, most of my class notes from grad school, and undergrad. A giant stack of books, various library books, my food and tea collection, my interesting coffee sleeve collection, the current picture I like from the women of rock climbing 2010 calender, and my knitting bag perched on my computer and hard drive. Normally I would put my bag on the floor, but the office flooded for the second time in 2 weeks, so the floor was damp from that. Nothing of mine was damaged, both times, but it was obnoxious. Tomorrow it will be really loud because facilities will put up fans to dry the building, so we will return to wind tunnel office. This is where the work/research happens. I probably won't take a picture of the lab, but SCIENCE! happens there.

That's all for now, take care.

Molly : )

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